MAIN                                                        Suchasna spetsialna tekhnika  # 1, 2014   SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF INFORMATION PROCESSING V. V. Barannik, D.E., А.V. Vlasov, B. V. Philonenko. Analysis of the features of the use of  videoconference communication for the benefit of the profile bodies of the state administration.  A.V. Yakovenko, S.N. Pugachov, V.V. Tverdokhlieb. Analysis of the characteristics of  the LZW  data compression algorythm.  P.N. Gurzhiy. Decoding of the compressed dynamic images in information systems of an objective  control.  V.V. Barannik, S.V. Turenko. Method of verification of codec of vector procession into the system  of the compression of basic frames of videostream in the information communications  Y.P. Boiko, N.A. Koroliova, A.A. Podorozhniak. Technology of the reconstruction of the array of  run lengths  of binary elements for the systems of video data transmission in telecommunication  networks.  Y.N. Riabukha. Method of coding  of three-dimensional structures of data on the vertical-  horizontal architecture.  O. I. Leshchenko, O.V. Banzak, S.A. Pashkov. Automatical control of the parametres of  transformer in  information-measuring systems.  S.V. Lenkov, Y.A. Gunchenko, V.V. Savenchuk. Design and analysis of CPU designs.  I.I. Borisenko. Segmentation of a container in steganographic algorithms of space domain of  embedding.  O.V. Boychenko, O.S. Lenkov, L.V. Okhramovich. Methodologies of design of architecture  specification. O.V. Kostirka, M.A. Melnik, V.N. Rudnitsky. Steganotransformation of spatial domain robust against compression attacks. INFORMATION SECURITY Rybalsky O.V., Timoshenko L.M., Mushak. Computer and technical examination and  informational security.  Bekirov A., Dumansky M. V., Triphonenko, Kutya N.V. The ways of an encreasing of safety of  information resources in application-specific systems  Pampukha I.V., Grishin S.P.,  Miroshnichenko O.V. Modern problems of the technological  safety of the programming means of the system of the control of the armament and defense   technology  Skatov V.V. An investigation of the features of digital sound track, created by some devices.  SPECIAL DESIGNS Kuchinsky Y.D., Naskalov O.V. Modern equipment for special militia units: scaling ladder.  COPYRIGHT. INFORMATIONAL SUPPORT OF SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITIES Smernitsky D.V. Research as the main form of the research and scientific-technical activities. 
 2, 2013